[mod_python] Using mod_python with two applications fails on FedoraCore 4, works on Window/XP

Roger crosseyedpenguin at cox.net
Thu Oct 19 20:58:35 EDT 2006

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Roger wrote ..
>> My problem is that the MoinMoin modules (the second application defined)
>> are being reloaded with each request.  A logging message inserted into
>> the MoinMoin request.py module verifies this.  I found this problem 
>> while investigating the cause of why my newly written MoinMoin macros 
>> were crashing after MySQL ran out of available connections.
>> This problem does not occur on my test system under Windows/XP with 
>> apache 2.0.53 and mod_python 3.2.5.  I had been running mod_python 3.1.4
>> under Fedora Core 4 and have upgraded to 3.2.10 but the problem persists.
> The messages in the error log file do not show the process ID for the Apache
> child process that performed the import. Nor do they distinguish between an
> initial load and a reload, nor which Python interpreter instance performed the
> load. FWIW, both all issues are addressed in mod_python 3.3.
> Why this is important is that if you are using Apache in prefork mode, whereby
> there are multiple Apache child processes, you may be confusing messages
> generated from different Apache child processes as indicating that a module is
> being reloaded on ever request. Instead, all that may be happening is that each
> request is going to a different Apache child process and it takes a while
> before all Apache child processes have been involved in handling a request for
> that application and before the messages stop appearing.
You are correct, I was confused by the messages from the multiple child 
processes.  A curiosity is my Windows/XP test system seems to reuse the 
same child process until it needs another and the Fedora Core system 
seems to cycle through all the child processes and uses a different one 
with each new request.



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