[mod_python] ReportLab integration

Jim Steil jim at qlf.com
Mon Oct 16 17:35:12 EDT 2006

Yes, I've tried it both ways, but I get the same result.  Will try again and
get back..
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Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 4:31 PM
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Subject: Re: [mod_python] ReportLab integration
One small thing, it looks like the three header values from the original
script that caused a problem with IE (the Cache-Control, Pragma, Expires)
are still being set somehow.  The lines that did this were commented out in
the version you sent to the list, but you might want to double check this on
your server.  Meanwhile I'll see if I can get a similar example working.
I've gotten IE to behave well with the content-disposition stuff in the
past, but I haven't tried it with PDFs. 

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