[mod_python] Multiple call to Session.Session(req) problem

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sat Oct 14 02:02:32 EDT 2006

On 14/10/2006, at 5:43 AM, Alex Greif wrote:

>> >    session = Session.MemorySession(req) ###### <-- here the  
>> server hangs

Traditionally, you should not access a specific type of session object.
You should always use Session.Session(). By default this will map to
the appropriate implementation. For Win32, this will be MemorySession.
On UNIX it will be DBMSession.

If you do need to override which is used, you are better off using the
PythonOption directive to set:

   PythonOption session FileSession

Note that MemorySession is only of use on Win32 and will not work on
UNIX where there can be multiple Apache child processes.


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