[mod_python] Restricted area - how to protect passwords ?

marinus van aswegen mvanaswegen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 09:21:13 EDT 2006


I have no idea what your app looks like but lets imagine you have a app
called test.
I would setup two virtual hosts (80 and 443) to handle connections. the
index.html could redirect the user to test/login.py
if he connects to 80:test/login.py, get the session id, check if the user
has been authenticated by checking if there's an authenticated = true key in
the session object else
redirect to 443:test/login.py
again get the session id, check if the user is authed or new, if new ask for
a password.
if the user is authenticated, set the key and redirect.

I would suggest reading the doc to learn about sessions first.


On 10/12/06, durumdara <durumdara at gmail.com> wrote:
> HI !
> marinus van aswegen írta:
> > Hi
> >
> > I would create an mod_python application :443 to handle the login once
> > the user has been athenticated store the session id and redirect him
> > to the app running on :80 you should be able to tie up the user via
> > the session id.
> >
> > M
> As in google ?
> This is what I need to. When you will finished this work ?
> dd
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