[mod_python] Restricted area - how to protect passwords ?

Waitman Gobble waitman at waitman.net
Tue Oct 10 04:17:13 EDT 2006


Take a look at how Yahoo mail login works... (the javascript)

i think they use a LGPL library if my memory isn't totally faulty....

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durumdara wrote:
> Hi !
> I need to use restricted areas.
> The user can login by a common usr/pwd form.
> But I want to protect the password. Basically the data/content is 
> travelling in uncoded form on the net.
> If anyone use an interceptor utility, he/she can see the user names, 
> and passwords too...
> I know that banks are used https (ssl) for avoid auth. problems.
> The gmail is use very simple https/ssl trick - it is use this slow 
> method for login only, and later it use normal http connection.
> First question:
> Anyone knows about a method that I can safely use for password 
> protection ?
> Next:
> If not, how to build a simple https subsite to login safely (after 
> this I will use normal http).
> Thank you very much for your help:
> dd
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