[mod_python] webinterface for a local telnet server

Andreas Klauer Andreas.Klauer at metamorpher.de
Fri Oct 6 09:29:21 EDT 2006

On Fri, Oct 06, 2006 at 02:02:22PM +0100, Robert Sanderson wrote:
> I use a ConnectionHandler in order to implement the persistent Z39.50
> binary protocol within mod_python.
> Or have I missed what you're trying to do?

I'm not sure. :-)

I don't want to implement a protocol in Apache. My machine has a 
telnet server running (independent from Apache). You open a telnet 
connection to the server, log in and get a command line interface 
specific to the user that logged in.

I want to write a web interface for that telnet server. mod_python 
script is called by browser, the browser can submit login data and 
commands to it, and I wanted mod_python to open a single telnet 
connection to the server per user and thus allow bidirectional 
communication between browser and local telnet server over the Web.

So I am not trying to implement a new protocol, just an interface 
to an already implemented non-web-server.

Andreas Klauer

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