[mod_python] AddHandler / SetHandler (black magic)

Norman Tindall NormanTindall at zdisk.net
Fri Oct 6 05:40:45 EDT 2006

Hello marinus,
      You could try Set handler with
      this code in handler:

def handler(req,db):

    if req.status != 200:
        raise apache.SERVER_RETURN, req.status

    extentions_we_handle = ["html","py"]  # list of ext you want to handle
    ext = req.filename.split(".")
    if len(ext) > 1 and ext[-1] in extentions_we_handle:
        return apache.DECLINED      

    # do some work here with the extantions you want to handle

Best regards,
 Norman                            mailto:NormanTindall at zdisk.net

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