[mod_python] Validating input - Form Handler component

Julien Cigar jcigar at ulb.ac.be
Thu Oct 5 07:38:12 EDT 2006


What I ususally do is a Model object with properties, something like 
this: http://rafb.net/paste/results/LwMH9m76.html
Then in my Controller I have a method to parse the form, something like :

def parse_form(self, themodelobject) :
    errors = []
    for col in themodelobject.columns:
          setattr(themodelobject, col, self.params.get[col])
       except Exception, e:
    return errors

def add(self):
    errors = parse_form(myModel())
    if not errors:

(it's a basic and limited example, but it show you the principle)


durumdara wrote:
> Hi !
> Do you knows about a Form handler component (module, class, unit, 
> package, etc.) that can uniformize the form handling on the web ?
> The html form handling forces me to I repeat some of the codes in many 
> modules.
> Example:
> 1. Init
> 2. Get inputs
> 3. Validating inputs: check field names, data types, I need to open 
> queries to see that actual data is valid (and existing), require all 
> the fields I need to make the next step, convert data from text to any 
> type, protect fields from SQL injection, etc.
> 3. Make operation (insert, update, delete, or select)
> 4. Show the results, build the result table and/or the form again.
> These steps are repeating modules by modules...
> Do you heard about something like this, or I need to write this 
> component ?
> Thanks for your help:
> dd
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