[mod_python] Re: Wiki for mod_python. Contributors welcome.

Martin Stoufer MCStoufer at lbl.gov
Thu Nov 30 13:09:38 EST 2006

Steve Holden wrote:
> Martin Stoufer wrote:
> [top-posting rectified: please don't do that ;-)]
> Look at what Fredrik Lundh is doing with the "(Semi-Official) Python 
> FAQ" at http://effbot.org/pyfaq/ - it allows comments, but the 
> comments are folded in by someone "in charge". The developers could 
> get to say who was "in charge" at any time.
> While this approach does have merits, if the comments aren't sensibly 
> processed then the text can biodegrade in the same way as a wiki. But 
> I can testify that it does encourage people to contribute: while 
> writing this mail I clicked the "random page" button a few times until 
> I found and article I could usefully add comments for, and did so.
Thank you for referencing such a prime example. I forgot to pass along 
the 'lessons learned' from my experience; that this wasn't going to be 
an easy task to accomplish. It would of required a continual amount of 
dedicated work. The level and daily duration of work was geometrically 
proportional to the volume of postings and their apparent complexity.

I don't want this to squash anyone's hopes, I post this so we go in with 
our eyes open.

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