[mod_python] Programmatic Redirection in Frames

Surendra Lingareddy slingareddy at Crossroads.com
Mon Nov 27 11:00:49 EST 2006

Thanks for the answer. Fortunately my requirement I think is just to
kick it back to the login page on session expiry. So, login is the only
page that needs to break out of the frame (s)hell. I am forcing the
login page to always be on the top with a javascript. I will look into
what you suggested. 





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As far as I am aware this is not possible. Apache has absolutely no idea
about frames.

That is why I stopped using frames years ago.


On my current project I use absolute positioning and I am sending forms
using the XMLHTTPRequest object.

By doing so, the return from the server can be set to any object in
javascript, Google for XMLHTTPrequest, and do not get fooled by the XML
thingy in the name, you can send plain text or any format you like. Be
aware that if you want to be browser independent you run into trouble if
you use the <input=file...>.


Forms can have a target= too!!! Maybe you can alter all references to
the login page with a targe=_top.


I suggest you stop using frames






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I am using util.redirect() to redirect to a particular page when a user
takes an action. The action is submitted via a form and read the action
via the req.form.getfirst() thingy. If the session is ended, my
redirection to the login page does not take me to the top-level frame,
instead it puts it into a child frame. Is there a way where I can
specify programmatically to be redirected to the top level frame?


On a href call, it is easy as it takes target=_top but can I specify it
somehow on a req object?




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