[mod_python] Session Hell...

durumdara durumdara at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 10:00:53 EST 2006

Hi !

I have a big problem. I've just finished my big site: this is a session 
based online shop.
But I'm get crazy...
When I want to control the number of elements (piece of the purcheasable 
items), the site is move in dead state (httpd).

I use the Session to store the items, and the first phase I check this 
array, change it with the input params, revalidate it, and deepcopy it 
to the request.

This what I do for minimize the session-locking, and multithreading 

I need to save Session, because it's lifetime must increasing in every 

Today I build a version that containing threading.Lock. In this way only 
ONE request worked, next request are go to hell...

What is this problem?
Anyone knows about a session problems in WXP, Py2.2.4, ModPy3.2.10, 

I need to repair my site, the next day I need to demonstrate to it is 
working good... :-((((

Thanks for any idea that can help me:

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