[mod_python] Changing server signature

Lars Eriksen downgrade at gmx.org
Fri Nov 24 08:13:23 EST 2006

Excellent, Graham, thank you very much!

> Using ErrorDocument directive, it will apply to all URLs falling under the
> point where you specify the ErrorDocument directive.
> The second approach is to have your handler return the actual body of the error
> response that you want. To do this, the handler would construct a response like
> it was doing so for a normal page with the exception that it needs to set
> req.status to indicate the error type. Also, if the handler is not the content
> handler phase but an earlier phase, the handler must return apache.DONE as the
> result rather than apache.OK. Even if the content handler phase, still
> preferable to return apache.DONE if the complete response is being returned.
>   from mod_python import apache
>   def handler(req):
>     req.status = apache.HTTP_NOT_FOUND
>     req.content_type = 'text/html'
>     req.write(...)
>     return apache.DONE
> Graham

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