[mod_python] Session timeout

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Thu Nov 23 08:30:59 EST 2006

Rubén da Silva wrote:
> Jim Gallacher wrote:
>> Rubén da Silva wrote:
>>> I'm debugging an error:
>>>     * id: 80b5b4b9af0a2e710195bab30cc3c358
>>>     * is_new: False
>>>     * created: 1164195872.07
>>>     * last_accessed: 1164196137.86
>>>     * timeout: 3600
>>> i'm developing an application who uses Session for store user data 
>>> after users logins correctly,
>>> I use in every request after login:
>>> ses = Session.Session(req, timeout = out)
>>> This Session object is what i show you at mail head.
>>> Session stores correctly all data and detects is_new ok, BUT, session 
>>> expires in (created + timeout) time, NOT in (last_accessed + timeout) 
>>> time. Last_accessed as you can see, changes correctly, but after 
>>> timeout (3600s. - 1 Hr.) using the application, session is deleted an 
>>> users must login again.
>>> How can i correct this?
>> It is necessary to save the session object after each request so that 
>> last_accessed gets updated. Are you doing so?
>> Jim
> No, i only use save() first time user logins.
> But session.last_accessed changes in every request.

I gets updated in every request but you need to save the session for the 
value to persist.

The session cleanup is handled by a separate mechanism which reads the 
session data to retrieve the last_accessed value. Since you are not 
saving your session, last_accessed is not getting updated in the session 
store, and so your session is getting removed in the cleanup.

You always need to save your session.


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