[mod_python] How create a scheduler ?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sun Nov 19 17:06:45 EST 2006

Seb wrote ..
> >
> >  It is. You might want to look at my
> > http://projects.amor.org/misc/wiki/Recur which now includes
> > a Worker class and a Scheduler class. There's also
> > http://trac.turbogears.org/turbogears/browser/trunk/turbogears/scheduler.py,
> > which is a webified version of Irmen de Jong's older Kronos module.
> Ok, I ll take a look at the python frameworks. It seems to be a
> solution for my problems, and does not have the apache limitations for
> my specific problem, I think that a true python server will be able to
> answer my waitings.

How complicated a system are you looking to develop?

I ask as I can suggest another system, although it is probably more
suited to use in much larger systems which need to span multiple hosts
and need to plug in both C++ code as well as Python. As an example,
this system has been used for a specialised printing application
spanning 800 processes across 150 sites. It is also being deployed
in an EFTPOS transaction system spanning the same 150 sites.
Although these are big applications, it is still quite able for standalone
simple systems as well and is used by various people in that way.

As far as a scheduler is concerned, it does have one, but it is a very
minor component when looked at against all the other features the
system provides. Even though you might only use a small bit of what
is provided initially, there is certainly a great deal of room for you to
expand what you application does.

In terms of interworking with Apache, the framework provides XML-RPC
interfaces into its messaging system. Alternatively, it is possible to hook
the message system framework direct into Apache child processes. This
allows you to run active services within Apache which could constantly
monitor and accumulate data from the backend processes allowing you
to cache stuff in Apache and avoid having to request through to the
backend in all cases. As the full facilities of the framework are available
even when running in Apache, you even have access to the scheduler.

Anyway, enough advertising, if it doesn't sound like too much overkill,
have a look at documentation at:



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