[mod_python] Getting Hostname

g.farina at pharaondev.com g.farina at pharaondev.com
Thu Nov 16 11:14:31 EST 2006

Trying to explain better my situation:

I have one server which hosts a lot of websites using only 1 IP address
and VirtualHosts for dispatching the requests.
Currently I have one framework installed for every document root but,
because the differences between each website are only static files and DB
content, I'd like to use only one framework/cms installation and, based on
the website requested, using different roots for static files and
different DNS for DB connections. The framework is quite customizable from
a config file, so also this file should be loaded based on the website
requested; this file contains also the definition of the DNS to connect to
the DB and the root of static files, so the dispatching should be done at
runtime by Python and cannot be done using Apache.


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