[mod_python] Mod_python on HP-UX 11.11

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Nov 15 22:06:49 EST 2006

Buehre, Joseph R wrote ..
> Well the touch worked for getting past the previous error....thanks for
> the info.
> I just need to trouble you all for one more look into the reason for
> this failure.
> Performing DSO installation.
>         /opt/imake/bin/install -c -d /wwimacs6/apache2/modules
> rm: /wwimacs6/apache2/modules/ directory
> cp: illegal option -- d
> Usage:  cp [-f|-i] [-p] [-S] [-e warn|force|ignore] source_file
> target_file
>         cp [-f|-i] [-p] [-S] [-e warn|force|ignore] source_file ...
> target_directory
>         cp [-f|-i] [-p] [-S] -R|-r [-e warn|force|ignore]
> source_directory ... target_directory
>         /opt/imake/bin/install -c src/mod_python.so
> /wwimacs6/apache2/modules
> cp: cannot access src/mod_python.so: No such file or directory

Either you 'install' program is stuffed in some way, or it is configured for a
different 'cp' program than what you have in your path. If you go 'which cp'
does it find /bin/cp or some other cp?

You might also use a different 'install' program. You can get one from:


When you run configure for mod_python, do:

  INSTALL=/some/path/install-sh ./configure ......

so it will use this install program rather than the one it is finding.

> Now don't forget to edit your main config and add
>     LoadModule python_module /wwimacs6/apache2/modules/mod_python.so
> and if your configuration uses ClearModuleList, then also
>     AddModule mod_python.c
>         cd dist && make install_py_lib
> `psp_parser.c' is up to date.
>         if test -z "" ; then \
>                 /opt/Boeing/python2.4.3/bin/python2.4 setup.py install
> --optimize 2 --force ; \
>         else \
>                 /opt/Boeing/python2.4.3/bin/python2.4 setup.py install
> --optimize 2 --force --root  ; \
>         fi
> This is all that is in .libs after the make install and I end up with no
> .so file
> -rw-r--r--   1 root       sys         161346 Nov 15 20:39 mod_python.a
> lrwxr-xr-x   1 root       sys             16 Nov 15 20:39 mod_python.la
> -> ../mod_python.la
> -rw-r--r--   1 root       sys            848 Nov 15 20:39 mod_python.lai
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 root       sys         188416 Nov 15 20:39 mod_python.sl

The mod_python.sl file is what you are after. The libtool program looks
not to be generating .so extension because of HPUX using a .sl extension.

Suggest you manually copy mod_python.sl into Apache modules directory,
renaming it to have a .so extension if that then matches other Apache modules.

If you do this manually, you don't need to use that other install script.
Instead, do:

  make install_py_lib

to install Python stuff and then manually copy module file to Apache
as described.


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