[mod_python] Mod Python Programmers in Holland?

Martijn Moeling martijn at xs4us.nu
Mon Nov 13 10:33:11 EST 2006



It might be a little off topic, if so sorry for that I am having a hard
time finding what I need....


I am building a web application framework, which is being used in a
production environment for almost a year now.

In January 2007 the original goal of starting this development is going
to be open for the public and more projects are waiting for me to start
on it.

Since I only have one head and one pair of hands I am looking for python
programmers with mod_python knowledge. Additionally good cross browser
knowledge of HTML, 

HTML-DOM, javascript and MySQL (and some basic Linux skills) is needed.
Most of the work will be the implementation of business logic but the
framework needs to be expanded too.


Expect to be working in an open and innovative environment where each
team member is expected to think forward and out of the box as my system
is changing the way browsers are used. 


You don't need be an academic or highly experienced, Motivation and
willing to learn (and the ability to do that quickly) is more important
as well as being honest


If you are interested, drop me an email with motivation and reference
projects. You must Speak Dutch but your email must be in English since I
need to see your English writing skills (all documentation will be in
English), there is no real hurry and expect work to start in the 2nd
quarter of 2007 but if things go wrong I will need you yesterday!!,


Work location will be Pijnacker (near Delft), the Netherlands


Kind regards,


Martijn Moeling

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