[mod_python] publisher cgi

Gregor Kling gregor.kling at dvz.fh-giessen.de
Fri Nov 10 07:02:46 EST 2006

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> On 07/11/2006, at 10:14 PM, Gregor Kling wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Hello,
>> With a short glimpse at mod_python's publisher default handler, I
>> assume I have to use 'raw' cgi's, if i have variable form data ?
> To clarify one point. The publisher extension handler for mod_python
> is not the default handler. Instead it builds on top of the basic handler
> mechanism of mod_python. How you use publisher is different to
> basic handlers in mod_python.
Sorry for being ambiguous. Sure mod_python's publisher is not the
default handler.

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