[mod_python] BUG - modpython and setlocale hu

durumdara durumdara at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 06:15:19 EST 2006

Hi !

When I set locale to hu, the Session handler broken.
Possible caused by that hun locale uses "," for dec. separator, not ".".
The error msg was:

[Fri Nov 10 12:04:55 2006] [error] [client] Traceback (most 
recent call last):\n\n  File "c:/web/zweb/htdocs\\__accesshandler.py", 
line 28, in accesshandler\n    ss = Session.DbmSession(req)\n\n  File 
"C:\\Python24\\lib\\site-packages\\mod_python\\Session.py", line 337, in 
__init__\n    timeout=timeout, lock=lock)\n\n  File 
"C:\\Python24\\lib\\site-packages\\mod_python\\Session.py", line 166, in 
__init__\n    if self.load():\n\n  File 
"C:\\Python24\\lib\\site-packages\\mod_python\\Session.py", line 225, in 
load\n    dict = self.do_load()\n\n  File 
"C:\\Python24\\lib\\site-packages\\mod_python\\Session.py", line 361, in 
do_load\n    return cPickle.loads(dbm[self._sid])\n\nValueError: could 
not convert string to float\n


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