[mod_python] Trouble with multiple class objects in publishermodel

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Nov 8 18:29:50 EST 2006

Martin Stoufer wrote ..
> Well events are getting better/worse. It seems that when _generate() is
> called, it is now unable to properly invoke the method it is calling. 
> I've successfully returned/logged the string representation of both 
> self._output and self._output.generate. They reference what they should
> be. Am I using reserved mod_python variable names?
> ...
>   def _generate(self):
>         #_result = self._output.generate()
>         _result = str(self._output.generate)

    _result = str(self._output.generate())

You weren't invoking the method, you were turning a reference to it
into a string.

>         self._req.log_error("Result from Html() %s" % _result, 
> apache.APLOG_NOTICE)
>         return _result

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