[mod_python] Trouble with multiple class objects in publisher model

Martin Stoufer MCStoufer at lbl.gov
Wed Nov 8 18:21:21 EST 2006

Well events are getting better/worse. It seems that when _generate() is 
called, it is now unable to properly invoke the method it is calling. 
I've successfully returned/logged the string representation of both 
self._output and self._output.generate. They reference what they should 
be. Am I using reserved mod_python variable names?

Class Dom:
 def __call__(self, req):
        from DomProdLibOutput import Html
        from DomProdLibDB import DomProdLibDB
        global sortBy
        self._req = req
        self._form = req.form
        self._output = Html('modPython')
        self._host = self._form['host'].value
        self._sortBy = sortBy[urllib.unquote(self._form['sortby'].value)]
        self._mode = self._form['mode'].value
        if self._form.has_key('term'):
           self._term = ""
        return self._generate()
  def _generate(self):
        #_result = self._output.generate()
        _result = str(self._output.generate)
        self._req.log_error("Result from Html() %s" % _result, 
        return _result

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* DIDC/DSD/ITG                   *
* Lawrence Berkeley National Lab *
* MS 50B-2215 510-486-8662       *

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