[mod_python] Re: installing xp problems

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Tue Nov 7 17:49:42 EST 2006

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote ..
>>Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>>>Hmmm, actually, I am talking nonsense, as the _apache module
>>>is embeded within the Apachh mod_python module and isn't in
>>>the Python installation. Only _psp.so is in the Python installation
>>>and that shouldn't be Apache specific.
>>>Thus, can't think know why there might be an issue. What actually
>>I can't say, as I haven't tried it yet (not wanting to overwrite my 
>>existing, functional mod_python). Observing that my site-packages 
>>directory contained a mod_python directory which contained (among other
>>things) an apache.py and a publisher.py was quite enough to have me hit
>>the brake.
>>Won't that directory be used by both mod_pythons?
> Yes, the same site packages directory is used by both if same Python
> version.
> FWIW, on Mac OS X I have both Apache 2.0 and 2.2 running at times
> with both using same Python version and each using same version
> of mod_python. I haven't specifically had any problems.

Thanks. The mod_python I am currently running was probably installed 
when Apache 2.0.48 was current, so I'll definitely need an upgrade. I 
had previously thought that there was a distinct cutover point where 
mod_python stopped working in 2.0, so I'm happy to know this isn't the 
case (though I've been bitten before with Apache module inconsistency 
problems: for 2.0, at least on Windows, ISTR that modules had to be 
compiled for the exact Apache version in use - but that *was* a long 
time ago, so I may be suffering from CRS).

Anyway, you've encouraged me to be more adventurous!

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