[mod_python] Re: installing xp problems

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Nov 7 16:18:29 EST 2006

On 08/11/2006, at 8:07 AM, Steve Holden wrote:

> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>> Apache 2.2 requires mod_python 3.2.10.
> Hmm. I just discovered that I can run Apache 2,0 and 2.2 on the  
> same (XP) machine. Unfortunately it seems that I can only run one  
> mod_python using any given version of Python: in other words, I  
> can't have mod_python available for both Apaches simultaneously  
> unless they are using different Python interpreters. Correct?

Since the _apache module in mod_python is bound to the different
internals of each version of Apache at compile time, then yes, they
would need to be distinct.

I have speculated at one point whether we should allow somehow
the ability to extend/modify the PYTHONPATH in the Apache configuration
prior to mod_python being being initialised so that one could in the
Apache configuration specify extra directories to look.

In your case this would allow you to install one set of Python code
files for one version of Python, but put the _apache and PSP compiled
modules in separate directories based on Apache version and have
each version of Apache only look in the directory for their version.

This feature may also be useful in other cases as well where people
find Python looking in the wrong spot.


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