[mod_python] Redirect and/or output regeneration with PSP files

Anastasios Hatzis (Hatzis Edelstahlbearbeitung) ah at hatzis.de
Tue May 30 12:42:13 EDT 2006

Dear list members,

I'm still struggling with my PSP files. I like the embedding feature 
very much, but there is one issue I don't know how to solve and couldn't 
find a hint in the manual or web. It's about redirecting and/or 
re-generation of the HTML output depending on object states. I 
recognized that PSP obviously by default sends header/output directly to 
the client.

My first approach: I built a web-layer consisting of PSP-files only. 
They were called from a browser and each of them imported and accessed 
appropriate Python modules of my back-end application. These PSP files 
also included some other PSP files containing HTML snipplets. Structure 
was simplified like this

a) include head.psp
b) do something with the back-end (imported Python modules with 
database-access) and build body
c) include foot.psp

head.psp and foot.psp also contained some condition-dependent output.

When specified conditions are met during processing of the request, it 
is necessary to either redirect to another URL - typical example would 
be a redirect to a sign-on form - or to re-generate partially or totally 
the HTML output. Unfortunatelly this can occur anywhere in a), b) or c), 
where PSP already have been included. I learned that I neither can clear 
and re-generate the already generated HTML output, nor use a 
util.redirect to another (PSP) file. Latter leads to the following error 

IOError: Cannot redirect after headers have already been sent.

My second approach was to use mod_python.publisher instead of psp, where 
methods in py files are called, e.g.
calling in examplePage.py the method view(req, objectID) which should 
then call an appropriate py-file which is responsible for importing the 
back-end modules and including PSP-files. For latter I used the template 
suggestion as made in the modpython manual:

        template = psp.PSP(self.oReq(), filename='../src/psp/head.psp')

        template.run({'txtPageTitle':'hello world'})

Unfortunatelly this doesn't help since PSP.run() is also directly 
sending header to the browser.

So, I'm ending with the question if there are options or how-tos in 
order to
a) prevent PSP files from sending headers to the browser, so I can later 
in the process do a full re-direct, like util.redirect, if necessary
b) collecting PSP file outputs in objects and deciding myself which to 
send and which not to send, something like:

template = psp.PSP(self.oReq(), filename='../src/psp/head.psp')

htmlHead = template.run({'txtPageTitle':'hello world'})

template = psp.PSP(self.oReq(), filename='../src/psp/ExampleBody.psp')

htmlBody = template.run({'txtPageTitle':'hello world'})

template = psp.PSP(self.oReq(), filename='../src/psp/foot.psp')

htmlFoot = template.run({'txtPageTitle':'hello world'})

if simpleHead:

    htmlHead = '<html><body>'

return htmlHead + htmlBody + htmlFoot

A link to documentation or how-to would be great or any good idea is 

Many thanks again and greetings from southern Germany (snowing here, hurrrr)

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