[mod_python] Problem with clueless Internet Explorer

Anastasios Hatzis (Hatzis Edelstahlbearbeitung) ah at hatzis.de
Mon May 29 13:02:11 EDT 2006

Dear list members!

Currently I'm testing PSP pages. If requesting with Firefox a psp page 
works fine. If requesting with MSIE, I'm prompted with a security hint
to choose wether I want to download or open the file, - huh?

example url:

Both doesn't work with MSIE.

Well, I'm sure that I have misconfigured something, thus MSIE is getting
confused of the content type, but I'm not sure, where to start. Apache
config, htaccess, Python script or HTML... I wonder that Firefox has no
problems with that. Of course I can provide more information if needed.

Many thanks.

My test environment consists of:
modpython 3.2.8
Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP2
Python 2.4.2, standard distribution windows with installer
Apache 2.5.55-win32-x86


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