[mod_python] session redux

David Bear David.Bear at asu.edu
Wed May 24 16:26:47 EDT 2006

I'm trying to understand sessioning better. Here is a scenario:

I have a publisher script called py.py. publisher is set as the
handler for directory.

Using py.py as a dispatcher for url named modules we have

functions in py.py 		psp pages served by function
index 				main.psp
register 			register.psp
regpage2 			regp2.psp
final				final.psp

A session object is instantiated in py.py. I assume I can pass the
session object via the vars name to the psp template correct?

using http://myserver/py.py the index function serves main.psp.

using http://myserver/py.py/register the register.psp code is
'rendered'/'evaluated' and sent to the client.

Now, the question: As the user proceeds from main.psp to register.psp
to regp2.psp and so on, how to modpython know not to create a new
session object for each visit? Put another way, how would the
regp2.psp page 'know' of the session object created when the user
first visited the main.psp page?

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