[mod_python] Session Management, Straight Answer?

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Wed May 17 04:14:00 EDT 2006

I also struggled a lot to understand the sessions stuff and now I use sessions this way:

in index I enter login and pass in a form and send it to check_login, which checks the login data and if correct, creates a session object, fills it with the data I need it to bear, sets timeout and saves it. On the check_login page there is a link that points to  "section" (some imaginary section, as if in some admin pass-protected area). In the section, I create another session object, but the first thing I do with it is sess.load(), which loads the data of the previously saved session. And thats it.

I attached the code and templates (I use publisher) + .htaccess file. It should work for you.
With regular PSP it's probably different, as Graham wrote.

This is the way I use it and it is quite possible it is some deprecated way. I don't know :) If anyone of you knows there are some serious mistakes in the way I use sessions, don't hesitate and post it here.

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> Předmět: [mod_python] Session Management, Straight Answer?
>  I have looked at many of the session management posts on the list, but I
> am looking for a straightforward answer on how to make session data
> persist through different pages.  I have seen examples on using
> cookies/etc., but I would like a formal answer as it seems many people are
> also stuck on this (I might post my experiences with mod_python on a site
> as first-hand documentation, so that could help).  Also, I am using psp,
> not the publisher stuff.  Love mod_python so far though, just a little
> stuck!
> Thanks,
> Max Lynch
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