[mod_python] publisher on psp

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed May 17 00:19:51 EDT 2006

David Bear wrote ..
> I'm using the psp template formulation from the modpython web site.
> I do not have any psp code in the template yet. The dispatcher code
> seems to be working. I have an html only file. I have an index.py
> file. In index.py I have a function called begin. The html template
> (which right now is only html) lives in documentroot/template. there
> is a graphic src image tag in that template that points to
> documentroot/images/my.jpg.  documentroot here means the directroy
> where index.py lives.
> the problem is the image is never sent to the browser. I know it must
> be related to what document root is, and I assume the answer is found
> in some psp global variable...so, how do I construct my <img src="..">
> tag to properly find the jpg?

Calculating correct relative to URLs when using publisher is a PITA
because multiple URLs can refer to the same resource. See prior
commentary on this:


The link includes code which may be of some use in at least
reliably calculating a relative URL to the directory the PythonHandler
directives was defined for. Knowing that, you can then extend
it to parent or sibling directories as appropriate using posixpath.join().


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