[mod_python] publisher + cheetah

Luis M. Gonzalez luismg at gmx.net
Mon May 8 22:40:37 EDT 2006

> Is there a reason you don't want to have to compile them first?

  Not really. I just thought I was doing something wrong, because I read many posts about "cheetah handlers" and I couldn't believe the way I was using cheetah was the correct one (or the most recommended).
  The only benefit I can think of, is that I would avoid the extra step of compiling when testing code...

> There is a performance hit by not doing so.

  That's good to know. So, why the heck do people write cheetah handlers ?
> Anyway, just want to make sure I understand you reasons before
> I suggest a solution.

  Well, I still wonder why people write cheetah handlers... :-)

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