[mod_python] How do I specifiy a script called from a html include?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Mar 30 18:25:57 EST 2006

Alberto Ruiz wrote ..
> I have  another problem.  I have a html that calls a python script like
> this:
> <!--#include file="prop.py/index?type=2" -->
> Apache does not know how to handle it.  I get the following error:
> unable to include "prop.py/index?type=2" in parsed
> file /home/john/www/mydomain.com/condos.html
> Do I need to specify some path before the script or am I missing a
> Apache directive?  

You want "#include virtual", not "#include file".

  <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/example.cgi?argument=value" -->

The argument to "virtual" must be a full URL routed from root of web
server down, not a relative path.


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