[mod_python] Stylesheets

Albert Leibbrandt albert at compuscan.co.za
Tue Mar 28 02:38:29 EST 2006


I've configure my apache to use mod_python and it works correctly. My 
problem comes in when I try to access a stylesheet from the html, it 
simply refuses to apply the styles.
When I move the style sheet outside of the directory specified in the 
virtual host it works, it would seem that python is trying to execute 
everything in the directory?
Have you guys got any advice, I have attached the virtual host 

<VirtualHost test>
   ServerAdmin test at test.test <mailto:evlangelis at gmail.com>
   DocumentRoot /www/test.chimeara
   DirectoryIndex index
   ServerName test.chimeara
   ErrorLog /www/logs/test.chimeara.error_log
   CustomLog /www/logs/test.chimeara.access_log common
       SetHandler mod_python
       PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
       PythonDebug On


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