[mod_python] Templaing question

marinus van aswegen mvanaswegen at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 06:48:48 EST 2006

Hi Jim

Sorry for the late reply, the short answer perhaps a little bit of both.
I was hoping that someone would give me some nice pointers to getting
going with templates. I suspect that psp will give me what I want, I'm
seeing strange behavior when it comes to rendering pages. I had a html page
render correctly if I loaded it with a browser off the disk. I wrote a test
function to load it as a template using psp and it produced
the same strange behavior I saw with my hacked templating system. It's hard
to explain its
like the browser hap haggardly interprets the page and doesn't render it
I could mail anyone a screenshot if they are interested.



On 3/5/06, Jim Gallacher <jpg at jgassociates.ca> wrote:
> marinus van aswegen wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I need some advice; I'm up the creek without a paddle. I wanted to
> quickly
> > hack together a small project. I like python so, I thought hey lets try
> > mod_python. I got some of the hard stuff sorted quickly e.g. login
> > functions, session handling, etc. When it came to the presentation stuff
> I
> > had a quick look at some of the templating toolkits out there, they
> scared
> > me! I wanted something simple so I quickly hacked together a
> >
> > simple templating system, that loaded my html files, replaced the tags I
> hid
> > in them with the data I wanted send to the browser via req.write. The
> > problem is that it renders the page in a weird way, kinda like it
> doesn't
> > give the browser a chance to interpret the css. Where do I go from here,
> I
> > want to give the client tables of data formatted with nice css.
> >
> > Marinus
> Hi Marinus,
> It's not clear if you're asking for help with debugging your templating
> system or advise on alternatives? I'd suggest taking another look at
> mod_python.psp since it's included in mod_python, and people on this
> list are familiar with it and more likely able to offer help.
> Jim
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