[mod_python] Quixote 2.0 and mod_python

Orr, Steve sorr at rightnow.com
Mon Mar 6 20:20:08 EST 2006

Thanks for the reply Graham,

I'm using mod_python 3.x (?) for Apache 2.0
Here are the Apache directives
    <LocationMatch "^/RAMhome(/|$)">
        SetHandler python-program
        PythonHandler quixote.server.mod_python_handler
        PythonOption quixote-publisher-factory ramhome.create_publisher
        PythonInterpreter ramhome
        PythonDebug On

I'm using the standard handler for mod_python that ships with Quixote,
quixote.server.mod_python_handler. I looked in that code, grepped around
a bit and did not find any reference to apache.import_module() so it
seems they are not using it. The mod_python_handler.py script was
developed for Quixote 1.0 so I suspect it could use some work even
though it appears to work in my development mode.

Additionally, I got a post from a Quixote developer saying that version
2.4 fixed an import bug. I don't think it's my bug but I'm going to
upgrade and test anyway. After that I've got a few more things to run
down I'll come back with some more detail.

Steve Orr

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Orr, Steve wrote ..
> Cross posting from the Quixote list:

The address from Quixote seems to have dissappeared.

> The commented out directives are what's set while in "development
> and the uncommented values are what needs to be implemented in
> production. In the beginning of our development effort I tested the
> production settings and all was well but now I'm getting import
> and lots of inconsistent page behavior. (Everything works fine in
> "development mode.") Most of the inconsistencies relate to passing
> request object data between pages and I suspect it's related to the
> import issues.  
> Pointers from those familiar with Quixote/mod_python implementations
> greatly appreciated.

Not that it will help, but what version of mod_python are you using?

Can you also give the bit of the Apache configuration which triggers
use of Quioxite. Ie., PythonHandler etc.

Anyway, I suspect that you might be hitting some of the known issues
the module importer. You can read about them at:


Would need to investigate how, if it does, Quioxite uses the mod_python
module importer.

Are you able to describe the problems and/or errors that may be arising
further? Do you you use the mod_python apache.import_module() function


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