[mod_python] I need to create a Zip file on the fly and write it to the stream without any temp files or in memory file creation?

jarrod roberson jarrod.roberson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 19:31:47 EST 2006

just to stop the responses now mod_deflate is NOT what I need. I need the
end user to get a pop up that allows them to down load the contents of a
directory as one big zip file.

I have a servlet in Java that does just this using the ZipOutputStream and
it works great! You can download giant directorys with very very little load
on the server since I am doing a ZERO level compression.

The reason I am looking at a mod_python solution is the way we have mod_dav
set up right now it takes over the namespace that we need to do redirects
from and can't get Apache to redirect the URL to the Java Servlet, and we
have a big time crunch and can't re-archtiect the entire directory layout to
try and fix it right now.

I saw a post recommending to use ZipFile, ZipFile won't work, it needs
.tell(). It updates all the zip headers after the fact.
I found something called zipstream.py, but alas, it does the same thing!

Before I go and write a ZipOutputStream wrapper around the request object, I
wanted to see if any of you know of anythign out there that does this.

Thanks again, and remember mod_deflate is NOT going to work.
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