[mod_python] Faulty Impressions

Michael Guerrero m at mguerrero.net
Sat Mar 4 07:47:28 EST 2006


I'm new to mod_python and am planning a simple LAMPy application (brace
yourselves, newbness ensues).

Based on what I've found on the web (though certainly not an exhaustive
search), it appears mod_python is used for two kinds of web apps:

1. CGI -- making it much faster by embedding the interpreter.
2. PSP -- giving an easy, PHP-like use to Python for web development.

I haven't quite figured out how the different handlers fit into all
this, but am still perusing the documentation--having no knowledge of
Apache or how it works doesn't help ;^).

My question is, is there another means for creating dynamic web content
using mod_python (not talking about frameworks like Zope/Django).

Also, somewhat unrelated, how is the performance of using things like
pickled() objects and shelves versus relational databases when serving

If anyone has any good tutorials a link would be most appreciated.

- Mike Guerrero
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