[mod_python] 411 Length Required for POST

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Fri Mar 3 13:32:39 EST 2006

Also of note, FieldStorage will raise HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED if the
content-type is not x-www-form-urlencoded or a multipart, which you may
discover after solving the content-length problem.


John Ruff wrote:
>  I'm using a XMLHttpRequest to send a POST to a mod_python script, but
> I'm getting "HTTP/1.x 411 Length Required" back to the browser.  I've
> set the 'Content-Length' with my XMLHttpRequest object using
> [code]request.setRequestHeader('Content-Length', '0')[/code] but doesn't
> work, this doesn't happen when posting to a php script.  I'm using
> mod_python.publisher as my handler.  Any ideas?

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