[mod_python] changing req.proxyreq on the fly

André Malo nd at perlig.de
Fri Mar 3 01:36:44 EST 2006

* Bill Fraser wrote:

> I'm using Apache2's mod_rewrite for a proxy system on my webserver,
> and I've noticed that no matter what, mod_rewrite instructs mod_proxy
> to add all the X-Forwarded-* headers, despite the fact that the proxy
> request is forward proxy and not a reverse one. Looking at the Apache2
> source, mod_proxy specifically mentions in the relevant comment block
> that this should NOT be done for forward proxy requests (and in fact
> they are messing up the application this is for), yet mod_rewrite will
> ALWAYS add them, no matter what the nature of the proxy request is.

This bug was fixed in 2.0.50. You just might want to update your ancient 
version :-)

Already I've seen people (really!) write web URLs in the form:
[...] How soon until greengrocers start writing "apples $1\pound"
or something?                           -- Joona I Palaste in clc

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