[mod_python] Hosting Advice?

David MacQuigg david_macquigg at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 21 12:18:15 EDT 2006

At 10:15 AM 7/20/2006 +0200, marinus van aswegen wrote:

>Hi All
>I'm about to deploy my mod_python app / mysql and I'm not expecting
>more than about 100-300 connections a day. I'm curious where you guys
>host (godaddy?) and what server config your are utilizing (memory,
>cpu, etc).

I've been very happy with rimuhosting.com.  For $20/month I get a VPS 
(Virtual Private Server - root access, etc.), 96MB memory, so far no 
problem with CPU overload, but it is shared with many other VPS 
users.  Technical support is excellent on any problems related to hardware, 
or standard software, which for me includes Redhat Linux, Sendmail, 
SpamAssassin, Apache, etc.

If you are concerned about 24/7 reliability, avoid the server in your 
basement.  It will go down at the worst possible time.  Also, you will 
never get connectivity as good as a well-located data center with 
high-speed lines to multiple backbone networks.

I looked also at Yahoo and GoDaddy.  Their technical support is inadequate 
for my needs.

-- Dave
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