[mod_python] modpython, mysqldb best paractice

Martijn Moeling martijn at xs4us.nu
Wed Jul 19 15:04:58 EDT 2006

On 7/19/06, Martijn Moeling <martijn at xs4us.nu> wrote:

We suspect that mysql is the problem here since the only thing we can
see is
mysql is consuming more and more swapspace and at some point it runs out
resources and starts looping. At that point the system (Linux) keeps
but with a 100% cpu utilization and we are unable to login and

This sounds somewhat like a problem I had with my cheap-and-dodgy
leased server, where after a few days running, database access (and
indeed disk access and other system calls in general) would cause the
machine to grind to a halt. The fix was an updated kernel;the one I
had been using didn't like something on the motherboard.

Hmm we have a Dell 19" rack server with raid and all, and tried one
exactly the same, a new Kernel I'll have a look into it, Thanx

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