[mod_python] outputting to apache log

greg girty at cogeco.ca
Sun Jul 9 15:18:13 EDT 2006

> I haven't used PythonLogHandler myself, but I suspect it doesn't do what
> you think does.
> Putting PythonLogHandler in your apache config will cause your handler
> to be called by apache during logging phase, which is the second to last
> phase - cleanup being the last. What you do in your handler is entirely
> up to you, such as logging to a separate file, database, error log, or
> whatever.
> AFAIK there is no functionality exposed in mod_python that allows you to
> interact with the access log, or if this is even possible.

Thanks for the reply Jim.

I assumed it was possible from this article by Gregory Trubetskoy:


"A mod_python connection handler leverages [..] Apache server facilities
such as logging."

If there is no modpy specific way of doing it, is there a generic
approach in apache to capture stdout from a script?


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