[mod_python] mod_python + dbus ?

Panard panard at backzone.net
Mon Jul 3 19:20:26 EDT 2006

Le mardi 04 juillet 2006 00:33, Graham Dumpleton a écrit :
> Panard wrote ..
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm tring to use a running dbus service with mod_python. The service runs
> > fine, a python cgi script uses it fine, but a mod_python script doesn't
> > respond...
> > .....
> What version of Apache are you using and what MPM is compiled into it,
> ie., prefork or worker? What version of mod_python are you using?

I'm using apache 2.0.58, with worker mpm, and mod_python 3.1.4.

Thanks for all your comments. I'll try to look at this probably threading 
problem... (but I'm practically sure that dbus python wrappers are thread 
aware, there is a dbus.glib.threads_init() method...)

> That said, are you wanting to use dbus because you specifically want to
> talk to an existing application which is already implemented with support
> for dbus, or were you after a general messaging framework that could
> be used from Apache/mod_python and you were going to be implementing
> everything from scratch?
Well, I'm implementing everything from scratch. But I would like to have a 
message framework quite "standard".

The main goal is to be able to manage a running python application on the 
server hosting a mod_python web-page (ask for stopping the application, get 
the list active tasks, ask for doing some new tasks, etc...).

> If you are starting from scratch, I can perhaps suggest another system
> which is known to work from Apache/mod_python and does cope with
> all the problems of multiple interpreters and multithreading that it
> presents and which makes things complicated.
Yes! I'm waiting for your suggestions :)

Thanks a lot.

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