[mod_python] reg table row

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Jan 31 04:41:26 EST 2006

On 31/01/2006, at 6:45 PM, python eager wrote:

> Hi,
>   i am printing datas in table  format.In this totally 8 rows are  
> there. it  print 8 row values, but display is single row. It won't  
> create new row. How to add new table row in between coding.
>  <%
>                 value = req.field("vall")
>                 for n in range(len(value)):
>                    res.write("<td>")
>                    res.write("%s" % value[n])
>                    res.write("</td>")
>      %>
> Please help me

This is a HTML formatting issue. A quick Google search on terms "HTML  
yields lots of results. Suggest you try reading some of them. You  
might start with:


but Google has lots of others. Once you understand what the HTML  
should look like, then
work out how to make your code generate it.


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