[mod_python] Different scripts with same names and sys.path confusion

Jure Vrscaj jure at dijaski.net
Wed Jan 25 17:19:36 EST 2006


I was getting ready to change the whole source to not use publisher... 
but then I set the PythonInterpreter for each of the two copies, as you 
suggested, and now it seems to work. Thanks for the advice.


P.S.: I'm sending this again, the first time it was directed to Nicolas, 
not mod_python mailinglist, I didn't check where I was replying to.

Nicolas Lehuen wrote:

>Hi Jure,
>This is a very well know bug of mod_python.publisher that has been
>fixed in the 3.2 version (whose final release should be made really
>really soon now).
>As a work around you can try to define two different PythonInterpreter
>names for each application (for example in a .htaccess file at the
>root of each application). This way your two applications will run
>into different Python interpreters and you should see your problem
>2006/1/20, Jure Vrscaj <jure at dijaski.net>:
>>I'm working on a web-based gui for some application in mod_python, using
>>publisher as a request handler. The project was going on ok, until I
>>made a copy of the application, so that one copy could be used for
>>testing/development and the other for real usage. But, as soon as two
>>copies existed on the same server, one being requested after another, I
>>noticed some strange effects:
>>At first, every now and then, I got a "404 Not Found" error when
>>requesting one of the two copies. I traced the error which was raised in
>>apache.py, the reason being that the module's directory I was trying to
>>access wasn't in the path(which is calculated from request url). I
>>commented out the check, and tried again. Now the error was gone, but
>>another issue arised: when requesting for example the development page,
>>which has the title set to "Test", instead of seeing the correct title,
>>I got (seemingly randomly) titles from both the test site and the real one.
>>I figured that wrong modules are being used/imported and made the script
>>output sys.path. The path contained both: root folder of the testing
>>site and next to it root folder of the real site, which was probably the
>>reason why the titles were unstable. I tried setting PythonPath, with no
>>My system specs are:
>>- redhat linux
>>- httpd-2.0.46-54.ent (apache2.0)
>>- python-2.2.3-6.1
>>- mod_python-3.0.3-5.ent
>>- handler: mod_python.publisher
>>I would use Vampire, but couldn't get it to work on python2.2.
>>Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem really appreciated, I
>>don't mind if each module is reloaded for every request, as long as it's
>>the right module. (the application is using classic python import
>>command for module importing)
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