[mod_python] apache segfault with mod_python + pysqlite2

Daniel Nogradi nogradi at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 11:04:05 EST 2006

(I sent this to the pysqlite mail list as well)

I have a problem with using pysqlite2 with mod_python (publisher handler).
Whenever I use a method from pysqlite2 apache segfaults. However, mod_python
in itself works perfectly well and executes any python code as it should
(except for pysqlite2 code) and pysqlite2 in itself works also perfectly
well unless I use it in combination with mod_python. That is, if
sqlite-code.py contains any pysqlite2 code, then running it from the command
line by 'python sqlite-code.py' produces no errors and does what it supposed
to do.

The only problem is when sqlite-code.py is accessed through a browser, in
this case apache segfaults and the error_log says:

[Sun Jan 22 15:17:29 2006] [notice] child pid 3012 exit signal Segmentation
fault (11)

Merely importing the pysqlite2 module makes no harm, if
sqlite-code.pycontains only:

from pysqlite2 import dbapi2 as sqlite
def test( req ):
    return "hello"

then there will be no segfault and the URL
http://server/python/sqlite-code/test will nicely output "hello". But if it
contains the following:

from pysqlite2 import dbapi2 as sqlite
def test( req ):
    con = sqlite.connect( "some.db" )
    return "hello"

then the segfault occurs. Writing permissions for ' some.db' can not be a
problem, every path was chmoded to 777 and I also tried to connect to
:memory: with the same result.

Some info on my settings:

apache directives:

<Directory /var/www/html/python>
    SetHandler python-program
    PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
    PythonDebug On


python 2.3.4-11 (Fedora Core 3 binary rpm package)
mod_python 3.1.3-5 (Fedora Core 3 binary rpm package)
httpd 2.0.52-3 (Fedora Core 3 binary rpm package)
sqlite 3.2.8 (compiled from source)
pysqlite 2.1.0 (compiled from source)

And SELinux is disabled.

Anyone has experienced this before? Also if you run apache + mod_python +
pysqlite2 and everything works, please let me know your version numbers, I
would then try to up/downgrade to that.
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