[mod_python] How do you use mod_python?

Daniel Nogradi nogradi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 16:41:46 EST 2006

Thanks all for the numerous replies!

The way I use modpython is through the publisher handler, but just around
these days I thought about writing another handler to have more control over
mapping url-s to code. But I don't think a single handler will solve every
problem of every project and the answers I got seem to confirm this.

> For myself, looking at how people often outright refuse to use third
> party packages is really frustrating.

Well, I think there are very good reasons for sticking to 'core' packages
and staying away from third party stuff and that's reliablility. Take
mod_python for example, since it's associated to ASF one can be more or less
sure that it will be maintained, bugfixed, etc. But even though your Vampire
package is probably great and flexible, you just said yourself that you will
drop it soon and come up with a different design. What if in 2 years you
decide to drop this one again and come up with an even better one with no
backward compatibility? I think uncertainities of these type are the factors
that keep users away from not very mature projects, even though they are
excellent piece of software. Stable and reliable maintainance on a long run
is equally important.
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