[mod_python] How do you use mod_python?

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Wed Jan 18 20:57:32 EST 2006

David Bear wrote:
> I was hoping modpython would give me a fast way of running python
> programs -- sort of like a fastcgi but focused on python programs.
> Yet, I've not seen any documentation on setting this up (I admit I
> have not done exhaustive reading, but I don't recall seeing this in
> the howto's I've looked at).
> can modpython be used as a fast way of doing execcgi and other calling
> python programs from the web?  I don't think I want to create an
> apache handler for this? or do I?

mod_python includes a CGI handler that emulates the CGI environment:


I prefer Publisher, myself.

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