[mod_python] How do you use mod_python?

courtney ludwin courtneyludwin at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 18 11:02:12 EST 2006

About a week and a half ago I bloged about my setup:

I use a handler that acts like a dispatcher to do 3
1) map url's to resources 
  (this matches the urls with the python code that
hits the db and fills a cheetah template).
2) do all the boilerplate req.headers and req.write
type stuffs
3) handle my sessions.
  (I've been using mod_python since back in the day
when sessions were not part of the project and
Grisha's std response was persist them to a db. -- so
i did and it works great.)

http://socallocal.com/ was a site that I worked on
about a year ago but never had time to finish or
promote (it gets no traffic) cause I accepted a
position working at a startup.  It was ment to be like
a classified ads type site but I used it to flush out
many of my design ideas.  All the content on
socallocal.com is dynamic and driven off of mysql (w/
some caching where needed).

The site is actually very fast even tho I run it off
my home pc (p3 900) but I have a slow DSL connection
so it may seem not that fast.


--- Daniel Nogradi <nogradi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Some time ago there was a post (I think by Grisha)
> asking "why are you
> using mod_python?". It would be interesting to see
> answers from many
> users to a related question, _how_ do you use
> mod_python?
> A little more specifically, the various ways of
> using mod_python that
> I have in mind (which list is very much limited by
> my knowledge)
> include
> (1) writing custom handlers for every new project
> (2) writing a universal handler which serves various
> unrelated projects
> (3) using the publisher handler for every project
> (4) tweaking the publisher handler for every new
> project in different ways
> (5) using the publisher for some of the projects but
> writing new
> handlers for others
> And of course there could be many more ways of using
> mod_python that
> just didn't come into my mind at the moment or don't
> even know about
> it.
> So, after all, how do you use mod_python?
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