[mod_python] Google Groups ?

Luis M. Gonzalez luismg at gmx.net
Tue Jan 17 00:31:52 EST 2006

Hello there!

I am new to the list and I spent two days struggling with mod_python (installation, configuration, etc, etc...)
While searching for information, I saw that someone started a Google Group for Mod-python, but it seems innactive.
Wouldn't it be better if everybody starts using it?

Searching for info in this mailing list is a pain in the neck... no way to navigate threads, no way to search archives, etc...
I've seen that many others mailing lits (python related) moved to Google Groups and the result was great.
As for the existing archives, we could simply put a link to the new Group and leave the existing archives for reading only.

I really believe it will be a very good change for everybody interested in mod_python.
Just think about all the questions that are asked over and over again because nobody can find the previous ones...

Well, I just wanted to bring it up again. Think about it...

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