[mod_python] session lost

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sun Jan 15 17:46:57 EST 2006

Lee Brown wrote ..
> Greetings!
> I've been using mod_python under WinXP without any problems.  I think the
> problem is more likely due to a difference in configuration between the
> two
> platforms.  I suggest that you should first check these things:
> 1 - Verify that both platforms are running the same version of Apache.
> 2 - Verify that both platforms are running the same version of Python.
> 3 - Verify that both platforms are running the same version of Mod Python.
> 4 - Verify that both Apache installations are configured the same way.
> Most
> import, verify that they are both using the same kind of MPM module.

It isn't actually possible to run the same MPM module for Apache as on
Win32 it uses the "winnt" MPM module and on UNIX, your main choices
are "prefork" and "worker".

Although both "winnt" and "worker" support multithreading, with "worker"
you can still have multiple child processes where as with "winnt" you only
have the one.

This distinction is important, as it dictates what the default session database
implementation used is.

        if (threaded and ((not forked) or (daemons == 1))):
            sess_type = 'MemorySession'
            sess_type = 'DbmSession'

Thus, default on "winnt" which is thread and not forked, is "MemorySession".
With "worker", unless fixed to only use one child process, it will be "DbmSession".
The "prefork" MPM will also use "DbmSession" as default.

Generally the "MemorySession" support on Win32 works fine, as it doesn't rely
on a filesystem based database, thus hard for it to be stuffed, unless someone
had specifically configure mod_python to always use "DbmSession" or some
other session database type.

> From: mod_python-bounces at modpython.org [mailto:mod_python-bounces at modpython.
> org] On Behalf Of yjfuk
> mod_python was installed under the windows.I had writed a program to learn
> session,but it didn't work well under the windows,the session is always
> lost.but when i run it under linux, it worked well. Does modpython not
> support windows well?I'm a beginer in mod_python.

If the original poster could define what they actually mean by "session is always
lost" that would help. As would minimal handler code which exhibits problem.
Finally, is the same browser being used in both cases.

In respect of session being lost, is it that the immediately following page access
requires login again, or that after 30 minutes it requires login again even though
there were intermediate page accesses.

BTW, since mod_python 3.2.6b is now out, I would strongly recommend an
upgrade to that version to eliminate it being a problem which has since been
fixed already.


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