[mod_python] How to compare?

python eager python_eager at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 11 00:14:18 EST 2006

Hi ,
      here  i am comparing both the values of form value and table value. But it will not work . The result will be print "not equal". Table values are retrieved fine. Here what mistake i did. No compilation error and run time error. Please solve this problem.
  Code Snippet :
            req = self.request()
          pid = int(req.field('pid'))
            dbconnection = cx_Oracle.connect("myusername", "mypassword", "mydatabase")
          cursor = dbconnection.cursor()
          cursor.arraysize = 50
          cursor.execute("SELECT PID FROM PERSONALDETAILS order by pid")
          for PID in cursor.fetchall():
             # Comparing here both formvalue and table value ( both are numeric)              
              if pid==PID:
                  self.writeln("Not Equal")
  Thank you

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